I’m BACK!!!!

POSTED IN Blog April 8, 2014

Well after a very long hiatus which was somewhat a result of grad school, I am back! I’m celebrating the end of my Masters with a concert this Sunday April 13! Come and join me for a fun afternoon of Soul, Folk and Gospel music with some really good friends and awesome performers!

Concert Poster


POSTED IN Blog August 13, 2012


I watched a really incredible documentary about Bob Marley on the weekend! I highly recommend it!

Check out the trailer!

I found it so interesting on a musical level, I’ve never really been  into Marley, but of course appreciated him from a far, and knew the hits… but I have found a new appreciation for him – I guess having more knowledge and understanding of music production I thought it was so interesting to hear about the early production and how they basically invented reggae  and its now staple sounds.

But on a spiritual level, I really was blown away… I guess I’ve always been a bit put off by the Rasta thing just ignorantly thinking it was some kind of excuse to smoke weed, but you know – the messages of his music are positive and he had a mission to bring the world together in peace and love and what is wrong with that!

I’m always a sucker for a good documentary or any kind of biographical piece… and this is definitely a must see!

The Bodyguard

POSTED IN Blog August 11, 2012

Just watched The Bodyguard with a dear old friend and fellow Whitney Houston fan, however, this said fan has NEVER seen The Bodyguard… needless to say she enjoyed it. I cannot believe that movie was 20 years ago! I remember that was my first rated R movie! I’m sure my mother didn’t know it was rated R or I would never be allowed… it surely wouldn’t be rated R today…

So many good Whitney classics on that soundtrack… that was one of my own first CD’s I ever had too! Anyway was just reminiscing with this version of Jesus Loves Me that she recorded on it. Thought I’d share it. 🙂

Still hard to believe she’s gone!

My Friend Dana

POSTED IN Blog July 30, 2012

I want to start my first blog by telling you about my friend Dana, who just last week released her second album, and I have been OBSESSED with it! Her songs are SO catchy and so lovely! Check out her website: www.danaparsons.ca

or have a listen to her on CBC in her home of Newfoundland. You can hear a couple songs and a cute interview!!

I’m hoping she’ll come do a CD release here in Toronto and maybe I’ll be lucky enough to open for her! 😉

Hello world!

POSTED IN Blog April 26, 2012

This is where my brilliant blogging will happen!